New bike season is in full swing, and while many manufacturers have dropped enticing new products, others are just playing it cool with the rest of their ranges. Yamaha’s latest 2019 model announcements for its heritage line are pretty much in that category (for now, anyway).

R3 notwithstanding, the bulk of the latest news covers Yamaha's XSR Sport Heritage models, with the XSR700 and XSR900 getting a paint refresh for 2019. Yep, the Faster Sons philosophy, which combines vintage style with modern engine and chassis technology, continues on, though in this case, Yamaha doubling down on the vintage side of the equation.

2019 Yamaha XSR700
The XSR700 gets new red and black graphics over the aluminum body for 2019.Courtesy of Yamaha

What that means is the two XSRs get a thick red horizontal stripe with a solid black outline over the aluminum silver body color, which is set off by red stitching in the seat. That design is inspired, says Yamaha, by the red and white bodywork made famous by Yamaha's GP-winning bikes in the 1970s. Very vintage-y.

The XSR700 returns with its 689cc inline two-cylinder engine and compact chassis in Aluminum/Red, at an MSRP of $8,499, and will be available in February 2019.

2019 yamaha xsr900 details
For 2019, you’ll also see the inline-triple, 847cc XSR900 in Aluminum/Red.Courtesy Yamaha Motors

The XSR900, meanwhile, rocking the 847cc inline three-cylinder crossplane engine, traction control, and adjustable engine settings will also be available in Aluminum/Red, with an MSRP of $9,499, beginning in November 2018.

942cc Bolt and Bolt R-Spec
The cruisers are coming back too, with the 942cc Bolt and Bolt R-Spec officially taking slots in the 2019 lineup.Courtesy Yamaha Motors

The base Bolt model will cost $7,999 for 2019 and be available in Raven (yeah, that's black), arriving at dealerships in October 2018. The up-spec 2019 Bolt R-Spec will run $8,399 and come in Matte Silver, also in October 2018.

yamaha VMAX
Badass and back for 2019 is the mighty VMAX, Yamaha’s 1,700cc V-4 beast.Courtesy Yamaha Motors

Mighty Max is back for 2019 as well, bringing that beastly 1,679cc 65-degree V-4 engine, high-tech aluminum chassis, and other modern tech. You can get it in Matte Raven Black for $17,999, when it hits showroom floors in October 2018.

littlest V Star
The littlest V Star has been around for 30 years and it’s returning yet again for the 2019 model year.Courtesy Yamaha Motors

Last but certainly not least is the stalwart V Star 250, rolling with 249cc of air-cooled V-twin power. It'll also be available in October 2018, for an MSRP of $4,349 in Metallic Silver.