We're mentioning new bikes at Sturgis because 2018 has been insane with model releases and we want to make sure nothing's fallen through the cracks (hey, it's been a brutal new-release cycle lately). Moto Guzzi has been especially busy; the Italians now sport eight—count 'em—versions of its 744cc, twin-cylinder V7. And if you're gonna be in the Black Hills this week, most of those new V7 III midrange cruisers will be available to demo at the Sturgis Rally.

The Rough’s knobby tires and spoked rims make it a breeze to take on easy dirt roads, while reinforced front steering ensures good handling and stability.Moto Guzzi

But why so many trim levels of the same model, all anchored in the same steel chassis and powered by the signature transverse-mounted V-twin engine? It's pretty simple: The series accounts for more than 50 percent of Moto Guzzi’s sales, so it makes sense for the Mandello del Lario-based factory to keep pushing that particular model by tweaking it year after year. And they did just that earlier this year by introducing new versions of the current V7 III—the V7 III Rough, the V7 Milano, and the V7 Carbon Shine, with the most recent being the limited-edition V7 III Carbon Dark, which is finally available in the States.

The Carbon Dark is matte black with red accents, and each bike is numbered, with only 1921 units available (1921 is the year Moto Guzzi was established). Guzzi calls it, “a sporty contamination that is perfectly in line with the history of the V7.” Um, okay.Moto Guzzi

Our colleagues at Cycle World rode the V7 III Carbon Dark a few months back, but the only third-gen V7 we've ridden thus far is the V7 III Stone, so we're stoked to hear Guzzi will have them available to view at the 2018 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: the thing is flat-out gorgeous. Rally-goers can visit the MG dealer on Lazelle Street where the full range of 2018 models including its first-ever bagger, the MGX-21 Flying Fortress, will also be available to view, and some of those will be available for demos as well from Monday, August 6, through Saturday, August 11.

Guzzi’s wild-looking MGX-21 bagger will be available for demo rides through the Black Hills at Sturgis.Moto Guzzi

The highlight of the show for the Sturgis crowd will probably be the MGX-21, but other Moto Guzzis to demo include the Eldorado 1400 and Audace 1400 cruisers and the V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber. Either way, it’s a great way to check out some interesting new machines. See you there!

Here’s one you can’t get here: Also recently released was the MG V7 III Limited, unveiled at the Wheels and Waves event in France. It’s a stylistic interpretation of the renowned “seven-fifty” from Mandello del Lario, with only 500 units available. Just not in North America.Moto Guzzi