2017 Honda Grom Surf Cruiser: Introduction

Hitting the Beach Has Never Been More Fun

Chances are you've had the desire to throw a leg over the Honda Grom, Starting at $3,299, ever since it was released a few years ago. Maybe some of you would never admit that to anyone because you're too cool for school, but I'm old enough to realize that I'm a f–ing dork. Such is life.

But I do like to have fun. And I am very particular in how I go about doing so. When I see something I like, I go for it. Such was the case when the idea of converting a 2017 Honda Grom into a fully-capable fun machine that would basically serving as my mode of transport from break to break in San Clemente, or around South Orange County, I knew it would be way more fun that pedaling my clapped-out, rusted, single-speed beach cruiser I’ve used to get around... Until now.

Honda Grom
The Honda Grom has been a homerun for the American Honda Motor Company. But I see it as so much more: a fully capable surf cruiser for getting to and fro the surf breaks in and around San Clemente, California.Honda

To be quite honest, I didn't really think much about a Grom until our bros from another mo, Motorcyclist launched their Gromkhana videos (HERE). I started thinking of what an incredibly capable and compact cruiser this bike was, and more importantly, how perfect it would be to traverse the hilly terrain around my hometown of San Clemente.

Honda Grom
The Grom's headlamp configuration changed in 2017 from a single headlamp bucket to this dual setup.Honda

After piloting the Grom around the offices here at Cruiser HQ, I knew I had to really test it in San Clemente. Would it be fine getting up the 45-degree hills? Turns out the 125cc machine was just enough. A) I don’t need it to go super fast, B) I do need it to haul a surfboard and accompanying gear. So how would I get it there? Apparently there are a ton of companies that make really cool shit for the Grom, so I needed to do a little research as to how to mount the surfboard.

Catch Surf Beater
The Beater, at 5 feet 4 inches, is the perfect fun board for the Grom.Catch Surf

First, the Grom definitely wouldn't work for my 9-footer. I had to get something a little more Grom friendly, so I tapped a local San Clemente company, Catch Surf, for a Beater board. Turns out, they had a colorway that matched the Grom that Honda gave me to play with (Bright Yellow), and it also served as the inspiration for some of the bits I'll be painting in a black and white checkerboard pattern. The Beater features a strong, lightweight and water-resistant core with dual maple-ply wood stringers and high density bottom to make it the stiffest most durable Beater ever made. And it's only 54 inches (4 feet 6 inches), by 20 inches, by 2.5 inches, which is much more Grom friendly.

Second, I needed a way to get the Beater around and I found Vagabond Motorsports that makes surf racks for Honda Groms, but not for the 2017 Grom (yet). Vagabond does however offer a variety of other functional items that made sense for this project. I definitely needed a cargo rack to get whatever equipment I'd need for surfing (wetsuit, towel, wax, water, whatever), so I hit them up for a combo kit: Cargo Rack, $169.99 and Fender Eliminator, $79.99. The cargo rack is sleek and minimal so it doesn't add bulk to the bike.

And the Fender Eliminator definitely cleans up the rear by ditching the plastic bits dangling from the actual fender itself. I'll be delving deeper into both these products next week with Part One of this Grom build series.

Vagabond Motorsports Fender Eliminator
The Vagabond Fender Eliminator really cleans up the tail section of the Honda Grom.Vagabond Motorsports

The Vagabond bits are cool, but I still had one area that I needed to figure out: surf rack. I decided to reach out to Carver Surf Racks because I was really digging their Moped Surf Rack. I just wasn't sure it would fit on the Grom. Not only did it fit on the Grom, it worked seamlessly with the Vagabond Cargo Rack.

Carver Racks
The Carver Surf Racks Moped Rack fits great on the Grom.Carver Surf Racks

So now that I've laid the groundwork of my concept, I'll be showing you the build processes on a weekly basis of these goodies–as well as any other items I think make sense for this project–to make this Honda Grom the ultimate transport for getting to the beach. After all, summer's here, man!