2016 Yamaha Yard Built: Mathys Motos

The Czech Republic Yamaha Dealer's Yard Built Offering

Mathys Motos Yard Built Custom
Yamaha Motor Europe Czech Republic dealer, Mathys Motos' custom Yard Built XSR700 cafe racer.Yamaha Yard Built

Yamaha Motor Europe's Yard Built custom program enlisted its Czech Republic dealer, Mathys Motos to craft a custom XSR700 into whatever they wanted. The crew at Mathys Motos went above and beyond with this stellar café racer, which they say follows in the footsteps of their ancestors. "We wanted to implement an affordable project, but which mediates all emotions," Mathys Motos says.

Mathys Motos Yard Built Cafe Racer
Ridin' it til the wheels fall off! Mathys Motos takes their Yard Built XSR700 for a spin.Yamaha Yard Built

Mathys Motos cafe racer looks like it's straight out of the past, but with modern ingenuity to catapult it into the future. Just look at how much fun the crew is having after a test spin (above)!

"We wanted to implement an affordable project, but which mediates all emotions"

Mathys Motos
The Mathys Motos Cafe Racer blends old-school style with modern performance.Yamaha Yard Built

With a single seat and a fairing front mask, hand-made wooden side covers as well as a rear cover from stainless steel, those components just scratch the surface of the overall look and design of this project.

Mathys Motos custom Yard Built Cafe Racer
Mathys Motos custom cafe racer for the Yamaha Motor Europe Yard Built program.Yamaha Yard Built

So obviously the crew at Mathys Motos took the classic lines of a cafe racer, and applied to the modern performance of the Yamaha XSR700, which is exactly what the Yard Built program is all about: melding the factory bikes' modern ingenuity with a big emphasis on custom styling to create something unique and inspire consumers.