2016 Victory Cross Country: Preview

Victory's faired bagger stays the course

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. We've always loved that old adage, which we feel definitely applies to Victory's 2016 Cross Country model, especially in the performance bagger category. Victory's Cross Country made its debut in 2009 and the now 7-year-old is definitely coming into its serving as the platform for pretty much every bagger/touring bike in Victory's lineup (except Vision of course). While the gargantuan lockable saddlebags, killer stereo, 106ci Freedom V-Twin and other creature comforts are responsible for its success, Victory's left well enough alone with the 2016 model.

We're excited to get some more seat time on a long-term Cross Country, based on the simple fact that we've ridden thousands of miles on the beast, and have to report it's one of the best out there for a long trip.