Youtube's Best (Probably) Fake Mechanic

Ichiban Moto has the internet fooled... right?

The first Ichiban Moto video I saw was an instructional on how to hone your own cylinders at home. Now, this was always something I thought had to be done with extreme precision, and usually in a machine shop. Ichiban Moto did it with a hand drill, some plastic spoons and tooth paste. The video above shows him figuring it out as he goes, and explains to the viewer how to "do a custom cafe racer handlebar conversion." Other videos include homemade tools, other custom bike instructionals, how to do carb modifications, etc. All of which are done in the same dead-pan, "maybe he isn't joking," sort of way.

The best part on all the videos tends to be the comments below. Some people seem to see the error in the home solutions, while others are either obviously concerned, or genuinely looking to try his methods for themselves.

If you have some time, the Ichiban Moto videos are highly entertaining to flip through, just don't go trying any of his methods at home!