Yamaha Shows 2004 Cruiser Motorcycles

The big news in Yamaha's 2004 motorcycle line was the Road Star 1700, but there are some other announcements of interest as well.

Yamaha unveiled its 2004 motorcycle line-up in Las Vegas this week. The big news, of course, is the new 1700 Road Star (see details about the Road Star series in our First Ride report in the news section of MotorcycleCruiser.com), but there were changes for some other models and graphic updates for most of the line. In addition to its cruisers, Yamaha showed off a number of new machines in other categories, including entries in a new category for the company -- side-by-side off-road vehicles. The new Rhino combines much of the aggressive off-road ability of an all-terrain-vehicle with the utility of some of industrial and farm vehicles made by other companies. One notable point is that all Yamaha's street bikes, even those with extensive revisions, enter 2004 with no price changes

In the cruiser category, there were no additions or discontinuations. After the heavily revised Road Star, Yamaha's flagship cruiser, the Road Star Warrior was the most changed cruiser. The Warrior uses a hot-rodded, fuel-injected version of the 1670cc engine now incorporated into the Road Star but is otherwise substantially different from classically styled Road Star. For 2004, the Warrior got changes aimed at improving the ergonomics. The two-piece saddle is fuller, especially in the passenger area, which has become much more viable if you plan to take a passenger farther than the corner. That will complement the relocated passenger pegs, which should also make passengers feel more comfortable on Yamaha's performance V-twin. In addition to the wider, flatter seat, the rider gets a handlebar that bends back a bit more and footpegs relocated for greater comfort.

You can also have the Warrior in the flamed silver color.

For the rest of cruiser line, the story was just graphics and colors. The 1294cc Royal Star Venture cruising tourer returns in an original white/white two-tone or in the black Midnight Venture treatment, with a chrome front end, black/polised engine and studded saddle and backrest.

If we are counting correctly, this is the 20th year for the mighty V-Max musclebike, which still hits pretty hard for an old guy. In 2004, it's done in flat black with silver racing stripes.

The V-Star 1100s get a new 3D tank logo. There are two color options for the Silverado version.

Yamaha's V-Star 1100 Classic (with cast wheels) has topped our list of 1100cc twins in recent comparisons. It comes in three color choices.

The V-Star 1100 Custom still has wire wheels. There are two color variations.

Yamaha's V-Star formula originated with its 650 V-twin, which comes in the same three guises as the 1100 series. New 3D logos, different from the 1100s', grace their tanks. The V-Star Silverado (the 650 is silent) offers two color choices.

You can choose from three colors on the popular V-Star Classic.

Somebody took the V-Star Custom's Kodachrome away. It's available in black or white.

The Virago 250 returns in the inevitable black.

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The Warrior's ergonomics were revised significantly.
Yamaha's headliner was this Rhino.
The Midnight Venture.
The Venture in white two-tone.
The V-Max.
_The V-Star 1100 Silverados.
The 1100 Classic also comes
in silver-two-tone.
Blue 1100 Custom...
Or black.
The V-Star Silverado also comes in white.
The 650 Classic also comes
in a black/red two-tone.
The 650 Custom.
Virago 250.