Yamaha Dealer Built: Round Two

Yard Built's European dealer contest is back for round two!

Rat Bike XSR700
Rat Bike by PROMOTA MOTOR, S.L.Yamaha

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times. We love dealer contests. It pits creative minds that look at these same bikes all day every day against each other. They dealer mechanics and builders have pulled out all the stops and come out with some absolutely incredible bikes this year. Based off of the Bolt, or XV950, XSR700, XSR900, SR400, XJR 1300 and the VMAX.

XJR 1300 YZB-Edition
YZB-Edition XJR 1300 by Yamaha Zentrum BerlinYamaha

Yamaha seems to be doing everything right lately. Making a diverse line of affordable, stylish and great performing bikes. They just announced the price of the XSR900, which will be coming to the States this year and you can read about HERE.

Make sure you head over to Yamaha's website and vote on your favorite bike from the contest and stay tuned for more in depth information on some of our favorite bikes!

MoBikes XJR 1300
Yamaha XJR 1300 MoBikes MK2 by MoBikesYamaha
Yamaha Bolt R-Spec Fine Cut by SC MADRAS COMP SRL
Yamaha XV950R Bolt R-Spec Fine Cut by SC MADRAS COMP SRLYamaha
Yamaha Bolt Phoenix Messenger by Phoenix Motorcyces
Yamaha Bolt Phoenix Messenger by Phoenix MotorcyclesYamaha