Women Motorcycle Riders Get Ready For International Female Ride Day

Since its introduction in 2007, International Female Ride Day© continues to gain worldwide momentum and recognition with women motorcyclists and the motorcycling community at large. With the seventh International Female Ride Day© just weeks away, women motorcycle and scooter riders all over the world are preparing to dominate the planets’ roads on Friday, 3 May. “Just Ride!” is the motto for the only global synchronized women and motorcycling action. International Female Ride Day© is a day devoted to women riders of all styles, ages and experience levels – whether they ride solo or in groups. Each is a role model for this borderless day of action in support of the women of motorcycling everywhere.

“When the topic of women and motorcycling arises, many comment that it is the fastest growing segment in the industry,” says Vicki Gray, founder of International Female Ride Day© and MOTORESS®. “The timing for our gender has never been better when it comes to enjoying activities such as motorcycling and it will only increase over the next decades to come. Women have always enjoyed motorcycling and every year this campaign brings attention to its empowering message as a reminder of just how many of us already ride”, she adds.

To follow the participants during the ride day events as it happens on the road, women riders will take to Twitter using the hash tag #femalerideday highlighting activities.

The International Female Ride Day© request of women is simple – “Just Ride”. Sport bike, cruiser, scooter, off-road, touring or competition, regardless of what type or style of motorcycle interest, International Female Ride Day© makes one simple request of women – Just Ride! Get on your bikes, be out there and be visible. One day to celebrate and highlight the many numbers of women who share a passion for the sport.