Wheels And Waves 2019 Gallery

Custom bikes on the beach in Biarritz, France.

Throngs of people descend upon the W&W village, being fed visually by all the bikes as well as literally by beers, coffee, and hot dogs (French style).Monti Smith

Once a year, the custom motorcycle community focuses its eye on southern France for Wheels and Waves, a bike show right on the beach with drag and dirt races, surfing, skating, music, and more. Now in its eighth year, the event continues to expand and grow, always keeping motorcycles at the center.

The event spans five days, giving attendees plenty of time to experience everything it offers. From the show to the races, it's clear through every avenue of Wheels and Waves that it's focused on two things: style and fun. From the custom bikes to the costumes of the riders and racers, eccentricity excels.

While there are vendors and plenty of people selling things, Wheels and Waves is a little unique in that it manages to keep the attention on riding and the bikes. Through various races taking place in multiple locations, those in attendance are required to move around, riding through and experiencing more of Biarritz while there.

Be sure to head over and check out our Swank Rally and Punk's Peak galleries, and head over to wheelsandwaves.com for more info on next year's event!

Everything is easy on the eyes at Wheels and Waves. The locations, the bikes, the people. Did we mention it is set on the coast in southern France?Monti Smith
Perfect metal machines line the walkways in the Wheels and Waves Village. This MV Agusta was a particular favorite of the crowd.Monti Smith
Domitilla from Italy sitting on the Irons CR build from Spain with some classic American beauty in the background. Biarritz becomes a global melting pot for the week.Monti Smith
A clean and funky Honda build looking good in yellow and black.Monti Smith
Riding a motorcycle along the Indian Wall of Death appears to defy the laws of physics. Doing the same thing while standing, no-handed is just absurd!Monti Smith
Flat-track bikes, vintage dirt bikes, pristine drag racers, and even some multicolored '80s enduros were popular trends in attendance.Monti Smith
Thank heaven for Harleys. You see them a lot less in Europe, but when you do, they make you miss the States a little bit.Monti Smith
It wouldn't be Wheels and Waves without the waves. Local shapers hold glassing and resin tinting exhibitions in front of the crowds.Monti Smith
So many motorcycles that the line of bikes careens off into the seascape. This seems like a surreal experience where the bikes are both the beauties and the beasts.Monti Smith
The gang from @officine_vivaldi and @wmbootcamp teamed up to drive this bus from Italy to Biarritz. Some of the girls were there to race, and the others to cheer them on.Monti Smith