Weekend Motorcycle News Headlines, November 23, 2003

News headlines of interest to motorcycle enthusiasts

Janklow trial strategies appear. Parties may join in Indian rescue. Triumph trumpets U.S. sales gains. Doing "the ton" at 76.

On the Eve of Janklow Trial, Strategies Emerge
Janklow may try to claim that he accelerated to avoid another car, which will make barring his horrible driving record a more important factor in his favor. Diabetes may also be cited. In any event, Janklow says that "the facts" about the August accident, where he ran a stop sign at over 70 mph and killed motorcyclist Randy Scott, will turn public opinion in his favor.
Fox News Channel
Sioux City Journal, IA
Rapid City Journal, SD
Rapid City Journal's summary of news concerning the crash

Indian Motorcycle Company Sale Nears Conclusion
The winner of the auction should be determiend this week. Meanwhile, two of the entities bidding for the company may combine forces to return its motorcycles to market, if one of them wins.
Hollister Freelance, CA
Gilroy Dispatch, CA

**You're Never Too Old to be a Hooligan **
This 76-yeard old was cited for racing a car at over 100 mph.
Glasgow daily Record, UK

**Is a Hongda the Same as a Honda? **
Honda is suing a Chinese motorcycle company for trademark violations.
China Daily

Triumph Sees U.S. Sales Gains
It may be the result of interest sparked by the announcement of the Rocket III super-cruiser/
Motor Cycle News, UK

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Earlier this year, the city of Santa Paula, California erected this monument in remembrance of the St. Francis Dam disaster 75 years earlier. Two police motorcycle officers raced through town in the middle of the night to warn sleeping residents that a 200-foot wall of water was headed their way. Their actions "saved countless lives," according the plaque.