Weekend Motorcycle Headlines, Weekend of October 12, 2003

Our twice-weekly round-up of motorcycle news and views from around the web.

Motorcycles are very sexy machines. Drug to help save your hearing. Dodge admits that the V-10 motorcycle isn't really for riding. A look at the motorcycle-hearse business.

Motorcycles, the Sexiest Technology
She's talking about much more than vibration in this Tech TV "Wired for Sex" column.
Tech TV

Drug May Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
It's not a substitute for ear plugs, but there may be a chemical method of preserving your hearing in noisy environments. Taking anti-oxidants like vitamins C and E may also help.

Dodge Says Tomahawk More Artwork Than Motor Vehicle
It might be that Chrysler thinks you'd be more likely to pay half a million bucks for a sculpture than for a motorcycle -- if in fact this four-wheeled device is actually a motorcycle.
Orlando Sentinel

Ken Maely Passes
Motorcycle builder, racer, vegetable farmer, and steel-shoe-maker to the dirttrack racing stars, Ken Maely was a beloved and respected fixture in motorcycling and is already missed.**
Roadracing World

Motorcycle Hearse: Business Is Dead
Not enough British bikers are dying to take that last ride.

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Dodge Tomahawk