Weekend Motorcycle Headlines, October 5, 2003

Recent motorcycle news of interest to enthusiasts

Not riding easy. Drink and ride for charity? Looking for kids who like to draw. Scott ride returns to the scene of the crime. Let your house power your motorcycle.

Form Flattens Function
The New York Times takes a critical look at motorcycle ergonomics, noting that "motorcycle makers have been myopic when it comes to comfort." Maybe this will drive bike companies to take a closer look.
New York Times

Scott Memorial Ride Visits Scene of the Crime
The hundreds of riders who participated in the Randy Scott memorial ride this Saturday gathered at the intersection where speeding Congressman Bill Janklow ran a stop sign and killed him.
Aberdeen, SD News

Olive Crest Ride: Good Cause, Bad Planning
We were going to plug the Cruise 4 Kids held in Southern California next weekend. Then we noticed that the ride serves alcohol to attendees. It gets weirder: The grand marshalls are the Sheriffs of the two counties you ride through.

Will You Be Able to Power Home and Vehicles from One Source?
Honda thinks so, and has demonstrated its gas-powered fuel-cell system that can power your house and your vehicles, while returning excess power to the electrical grid.
Yahoo Business News

Does Your Kid Like to Draw Harleys?
An exhibit celebrating Harley's Hundredth Anniversary, "Hogs, Choppers and the Fat Boy: 100 Years of Harley-Davidsons", is looking for kids' artwork of Harleys to include.
Green Bay Press-Gazette

Gulf War Yields Classic Harleys
This Wisconsin dealer found two 1955 Harleys on a scrap heat because of the first Guilf War.
Milwaukee Freeman Newspapers

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