Weekend Motorcycle Headlines, October 26, 2003

From the Tokyo Motor Show to Iowa, news of interest to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Lots of news: Real-low riders. Indian revival hopes build. Ural's cruiser. Zip those pockets. Weird thievery.

You Think Your Seat Is Low?
Take a look at the low riders unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.
Gizmo, Australia,
Suzuki's G Strider page

Gone in 60 Seconds
Get just a little careless when you leave your bike, and someone will come by and stick it in their...trunk.
News 4, Jacksonville, FL

A Dream of Restoring Indian Motorcycle Company to Greatness
He has the passion and the resources, but might be wise to remember this purported Native-American axiom: "Nothing makes the Great Spirit laugh like men's plans and aspirations."
Yahoo Bisiness News,
San Jose Business Journal, CA

The bidding for Indian Motorcycle Comapny has closed, and we await news of who will get the company's assets and what they plan to do with them.
San Jose Mercury News, CA

Meanwhile, the current regime is planning a "Ride On" event on November 1 to allow the brand's fans to show their support. Gov. Schwarzenegger has been invited.
Business Wire

The Case for Chain-Drive Wallets
This guy went for a ride with $7000 in his pocket and returned with $200 after the rest blew out.
Contra Costa Times, CA,
San Francisco Chronicle, CA

Ural Retooling American Operations
The Russian motorcycle maker has a modest goal: outsell Moto Guzzi in America.
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA

Check out Ural's line-up at the American site:
Irbit MotorWorks of America

Alma Motor
An Iowa college has its own motorcycle club.
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, IA

Senior Rides Naked to Raise Money for the High School
Where's your helmet, sir?
Collegiate Times, VA

They Found Your Stolen Bike...
20 years after the fact. A hunter found it buried.
Aberdeen American News, SD

Motorcycling is a Bond for These Women through Good Times and Bad
They ride together but they are also come together to help each other.
Oregon Live, Portland, OR

Witnesses Ordered to Appear at Janklow Trial
Two out-of-state drivers who observed events leading up to the crash where Representative Bill Janklow ran a stop sign at 70 mph and killed motorcyclist Randy Scott have been told to testify at the trail, which starts Dec. 1.

Big Dog Motorcycles Shows 2004 Models
This seesm to be the most stable and successful of the Harley-clone builders, and its 2004 line seems likely to extend that success.
Big Dog Motorcycles

Another Bike Thief Goes Down
We always feel that it's reason to celebrate when one these guys gets locked up.
KOB-TV, Albuquerque, NM

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Suzuki's G Strider concept bike has a 916cc DOHC 4, shaft drive, swingarm front suspension, 18-inch and 17-inch tires, ABS, impressive instrumentation including GPS navigation, LED tauillight, 70-inch wheelbase, a 24-inch seat height, and really poor visibily over that SUV in front of you.
Sitting so low makes a bike easier to balance at a stop and more responsive to steering, but it reduces your ability to see and be seen in traffic.
The G Strider showcases high-tech goodies.
Russia's Ural motorcycle brand is probably best known for its sidecar rigs.
Ural's Wolf 750 was designed in conjunction with Russia's Night Wolves outlaw motorcycle club.