Weekend Motorcycle Headlines, November 2, 2003

News for motorcycle enthusiasts

Health-care protection bill advances. Selling more motorcycles. Love Ride 20 is November 9. Indian Motorcycle Company still up for grabs.

Bill to Prevent Health-Care-Insurance Discrimination Against Motorcyclists and Others Advances.
Health care providers would like to avoid paying for injuries sustained by people who do things they perceive of as risky, and motorcycling has typically been identified as one of those activities. Previous attempts to prohibit such discrimination have been subverted, but a new piece of legislation appears to secure the coverage you paid for. And there is still time to let your legislators know how you feel about the issue through the American Motorcyclist Association website.
AMA DirectLink

Continued Motorcycle Sales Growth Forecast Worldwide
A projected growth rate of 5 percent is projected to raise sales figures to over 35 million units worldwide by 2007.
Business Wire

Love Ride 20 Next Weekend
The biggest one-day motorcycle event in the world celebrates its 20th anniversary November 9, raising money (expected to be over $1 million) for a variety of charities. Jay Leno is Grand Marshall, and many other celebs are involved in the event, organized by Harley-Davidson of Glendale, CA.The Southern California fires are not affecting it.
Love Ride 20

Indian Remains in Limbo
The seven current bids for Indian Motorcycle Company are being pared down because each party bid for a different mix of Indian's assets. The finalists will be asked to come back for a final bid, probably later this week.
Gilroy Dispatch, CA

Driver in Stolen Truck Deliberately Runs Over Five Bikers, Kills Two
This bizarre incident started when the driver-killer called some outlaw bikers "old" and they took offense. It's a reminder of why a motorcyclist can't afford to enrage other drivers.
Sun Sentinel, FL
Montgomery Independent, AL
USA Today

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Entertainment, like the Victor McLaglen Motor Corps, is part of the Love Ride package. Of course, that assumes that these guys can get health-care coverage. Photography by Sahlan Simon Cherpitel
Peter Fonda leads a group of riders at last year's Love Ride.
Jay Leno is Love Ride 20's Grand Marshall.