Victory at Bonneville

Over the years, the Bonneville Salt Flats have become a Mecca for speedfreaks of all kinds, and naturally, motorcycle pilots are right up there in the mix. BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials has been timing the measured mile for motorcycles on the salt exclusively since 2004. The BUB meet has classes for just about anything with two wheels and even a "Run wha-cha Brung" (RWB) class. This year over 300 competitors took their shot at a record, and it wasn't just sportbikes.

In fact, there were cruisers galore on the Salt Flats this past September, and among them were a good number of Victory machines. Gregor Moe set a new national speed run record of 165.8 mph on a Victory Kingpin at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials. Moe's first timed mile run clocked in at 166.004 mph. At Bonneville though, once isn't good enough, as records are determined by averaging two runs. Moe backed it up with a second run of 165.6 mph, giving him the average of 165.8 mph for the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) record books. Moe's Kingpin ran in the 2000-M-AG class which includes bikes of up to 2000cc with modified frames that are gas-powered without turbos or superchargers. The Kingpin was running a 110-cubic inch Victory Freedom engine prepped by Lloydz Motorworkz, from Pine Bush, N.Y., Modifications include a Lloydz cam package, intake and fuel mapping.

Laura Klock took her street ride, a stock Victory Vision, to the BUB event. Already a land speed record holder, Klock posted a top speed of 122 mph this time, which she backed up with a run at 120 mph. Final notification from BUB officials is pending, but her crew at Klock Werks Kustom Cycles believes Laura set a record. Whether she is credited with a record this time, she's already achieved the goal of generating greater participation by women riders. This year, 19 women including her two teenage daughters - record holders in their own right?took their shot on the salt as well.

Bonneville Does Bonneville
The 2009 BUB Bonneville Speed Trials was flush with other unexpected entrants turning in record-setting feats this year. British journalist Alan Cathcart set two FIM world records in the 1,000cc normally-aspirated Twin-cylinder unstreamlined class on a street-legal Triumph Thruxton, while also setting an unofficial one-way speed record of 153.150 mph on the Thruxton.

Riding a turbocharged Triumph Bonneville, Cathcart set two more FIM world records in the 1,000cc forced induction Twin-cylinder unstreamlined class, averaging 165.405 mph for the flying mile. On a one-way speed run, the Bonneville recorded a speed of 171.624 mph. The records come on the Triumph Bonneville?s 50th anniversary, on its namesake race course.

The original Triumph Bonneville was released in 1959 to recognize land speed records set at the Bonneville Salt Flats by Johnny Allen. -AC

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