Velomacchi Speedway Roll-Top Backpack: Review

Rainproof, durable, and not quite as simple as it looks- Velomacchi makes the perfect everyday bag

When you start out riding motorcycles, they never tell you that you'll be needing to carry a bag just about everywhere you go. Tank bags, tail bags, messenger bags, straps and tie downs- you've got lots of options when it comes to toting your goods, but not all bags are created equal. From the pivot points, to weatherproofing, to the other moto-centric details scattered throughout; the Velomacchi Speedway Roll-Top Backpack is a bulletproof backpack for daily commuting or a weekend adventure on two wheels.

Velomacchi Backpack
Heading out into the wilds of Joshua Tree with our Velomacchi backpackMonti Smith

General Storage:
The main compartment on the Speedway isn't huge, but perfect for my daily carry. It's big enough for a sweatshirt, my 40oz Hydro Flask, and a packed lunch without squeezing anything too much. The two pockets on the front are quickly accessible and seal watertight with their toggle closures. These two front pouches are perfect for accessories or things you may need quick access to; I use one for my chargers and cables, and the other for pens and art supplies. Another pocket on the front is accessible through a zipper, contains a clip for your keys, and because of the long flat shape, is ideal for storing materials like books or magazines. A small pocket on the side is the perfect size to fit their Medium Pouch ($19), which is great for organizing tech gadgets, tools or toiletries.

backpack, velomacchi
Velomacchi Speedway Roll Top backpackMonti Smith

Laptop/ Hydration Pack:
Behind the back pad is another, more subtle pocket for a laptop or hydration pack. On my daily commute, which is about 22 miles, I will keep my 13-inch Macbook in this compartment. On a weekend ride, I'll swap out my laptop for a hydration pack, which is accommodated with a hose guide on each of the front straps so it doesn't bounce around while you're riding.

The Straps:
Each of the straps is equipped with a pivot point towards the top that makes the pack easy to put on while wearing a bulky jacket, and also improve comfort and range of motion when you're riding. The main closure between the two straps is a nifty little magnetic mechanism that locks on its own when you connect it, and quickly twists to unlock when you want to take the backpack off. The middle of the straps comes all the way to the middle of your chest, ensuring that the straps won't impede your motion or get in the way of anything you're trying to do on the bike. A smooth plastic plate on the front serves as an adhesive base for a GoPro mount and an elastic section was put in to hold a tire gauge. Behind the embroidered cross logo is a small pocket for your emergency medical information, god forbid you have an accident.

Once you figure out how to adjust the straps, you can sort of set it and forget it. There are two adjustable plastic clamps that let you adjust them, and a pocket in the back of the bag that you can tuck any excess strap material into. It took me a minute to figure out how to get this right, but once I did I was able to stop messing with it and it needed no further adjusting.

velomacchi backpack
Accessing the main pouch through the roll topMonti Smith

Helmet Clip:
On the front of the bag is a metal clip designed to hold a spare helmet if you need to carry one. This is incredibly convenient, as helmets are always awkward to tie down and rarely fit in saddlebags. I will say that when I rode with a helmet on here, it blew around and shifted weight, but that was mostly my fault for not securing it further than just the clip.

In all, this bag has helped me define what my perfect commuting bag is. It's incredibly durable, weatherproof, compact, versatile and good looking. It's not too big or bulky, yet I rarely find myself wanting more space. Monday through Friday to the office, and all weekend long- the Velomacchi Speedway Roll Top is one helluva backpack.