Uppercut Deluxe Travel Kit

Keep Yourselves on the Up-and-Up

Uppercut Deluxe
Keep yourselves fresh with Uppercut Deluxe's nifty travel kit.Morgan Gales

Gift yourselves with this epic Uppercut Travel Kit with your not-so-hard-earned Christmas cash. Available only in limited numbers, this Uppercut Deluxe will knockout your poor excuse for an appearance! It also ensures your mop won't stink like a turd covered in burnt hair (thanks, Anchorman!), and is perfect for the guy on the go, who doesn't necessarily like carrying a gigantic bottle of Pert Plus on his motorcycle.

Also, you get a pretty sweet wallet, made from genuine leather, and a keychain to keep your bike keys close, so in case you party a little too hard for New Year's Eve, you'll at least keep track of your keys. Keeping track of your bike? Well, you're on your own for that one.

And who doesn't love a new comb? Uppercut Deluxe's Flick-Comb is a pocket-sized hair and beard solution in a convenient package that allows you to slick and fix your style with ease. Ring in the new year without looking like a hobo!