TRoG West: Recap

The Race of Gentlemen heads to Pismo! Pictures by Paul N. Collins

It took a while for the races to start with all the inclement weatherPaul Collins

The Race of Gentlemen is what they call a living history event. It gives you the chance to see things done as they were, with the machines that were used to do them. It's also a photographer's dream. The event is put on by the Oilers car club, which started back in 1947, but was re-ignited with the help of the original founder back in 2008. This event has been going on for some years and gaining notoriety on the East Coast and we couldn't be more excited to see it come over to the west.

Unfortunately weather did not permit a second day, but here are a handful of our favorite photos from Photographer Paul Collins on day one!

Stay tuned for a full story from the perspective of TROG racer and legendary skateboarder Steve Caballero!

Grant from Born Free spitting a lot of sand on his awesome Knucklehead!Paul Collins
TROG west
If you can tell what year it is by looking at this photo, you have us beat.Paul Collins
An old v-twin Thor racing down PismoPaul Collins
TROG west
A lot of rain and saltwater on the track, but that didn't stop the racersPaul Collins
TROG west
Scott Jones of Noise Cycles high-fiving Grant from Born FreePaul Collins

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