Triumph Rolls Out New Bonneville Model and Tweaks The Rest of Classics

New 2014 Triumph Bonnevilles Are Here

Triumph, which claims to be the fastest growing import motorcycle brand in the United States, recently introduced updated versions of its classic Bonneville and Scrambler for 2014, as well as a few new trim levels. You won't find any earth-shattering designs here, but the freshened bikes feature unique new color schemes, improved exhaust notes and some new details.

The 2014 Triumph Bonneville

With a 17-inch cast front wheel and a rider-friendly seat height of just over 29 inches, the 2014 Triumph Bonneville combines easy maneuverability, comfortable ergonomics and retro good looks. That's probably why it's come to be known as a solid urban machine, and the popular choice among both young riders and Boomers alike. For 2014, the distinctive 865cc twin engine remains, doling out more than ample power for urban stints and open roads, but this year the bike also boasts redesigned silencers so there's a bit more bark down below.

The 2014 Bonnevilles get new detailing on the cooling fins The Bonneville’s previous fuel tank decal is replaced by a more dimensional badge, and new paint schemes include Phantom Black, Lunar Silver or Crystal White/Sapphire Blue. The engine barrel block and cylinder head also get new cooling fin details to accentuate the classic British twin, and a solid black treatment on the oil cooler lines further subdues them.

The 2014 Bonneville has a new seat design as well There's also a new seat design on this year's Bonnie, consisting mostly of contrasting vinyl as well an improved filler material for better support and comfort. Framing the saddle is a black grab rail that now comes standard. MSRP for the 2014 Triumph Bonneville is $7,899 USD and $8,999 CAD for a single color or $8,199 USD and $9,299 CAD for two-tone models.

Bonneville T100

Emphasizing its 1960s heritage, the new T100 offers a Crystal White and Aurum Gold paint scheme (yep, it's inspired by the 1964 Bonneville) with a stylized color split from the tank continuing across the front and rear fenders.

Like its close brother the base Bonneville, the T100 gets a throatier exhaust, along with that same machined detailing on the cylinder head cooling fins. A standard chrome grab rail and chain guard add the requisite retro touch.

The 2014 Bonneville T100 in traditional red and black colors In addition to the gold and white paint scheme, you can still get the T100 in Jet Black/Cranberry Red. MSRP is $9,199 USD and $10,499 CAD.

Bonneville T100 Black

Everybody's doing it, including Triumph. For 2014 -- perhaps sensing the industry-wide trend -- Triumph is offering the T100 in a straight-up, blacked-out version. Not surprisingly, this trim is called the T100 Black, and it has black-finished wheel rims, hubs, handlebars, RSU springs, fender stays, mirrors and the grab rail, on top of all the ebony bodywork. The Black bike also enjoys a deeper sound, thanks to its revised silencer, while the machined detail on the cooling fins is offset by the black engine finish.

MSRP for the 2014 Bonneville T100 Black is $8,899 USD and $9,999 CAD.

Bonneville Special Edition

The 2014 model lineup also features a limited production run of the Bonneville Special Edition that boasts a paint scheme inspired by one of the last Meriden models off the line in 1982, the T140w TSS. The distinctive Jet Black and Lunar Silver paintwork is complemented by the black livery on the tank and side panels (with twin, hand-painted gold coach lines), while the front and rear fenders are painted silver with jet black center stripes and gold coach lines.

As with the T100, the Special Edition sports new detailing on the cylinder head cooling fins, solid black oil cooler lines and a throatier sounding silencer. To complete the retro look, the Special Edition also brings a chrome grab rail, black mirrors and a brushed finish to the clutch, sprocket, alternator and cam covers. MSRP for the 2014 Bonneville Special Edition, scheduled to arrive January 2014, is $9,799 USD and $10,799 CAD.

The Scrambler

As with other models in the classics range, the Scrambler gets the “back to black” treatment on the oil cooler lines, handlebars, wheel rims and hubs, plus the rear master cylinder reservoir cover. A new seat design adds to the relaxed attitude. Additional finishing touches include a clear anodized bash plate and Triumph embossed logo on the rear of the seat.

Two new color schemes are available – a stunning Matt Pacific Blue and a striking Lunar Silver/Diablo Red combination. MSRP for the 2014 Triumph Scrambler is $9,099 USD and $10,299 CAD.