Triumph Refreshes The Rocket III

New 2013 Roadster Is Truly Unleashed

Triumph recently announced a smart little tweak (some would call it an upgrade) to its already monstrously torquey Rocket Roadster. This time around, the motorcycle lugging around the world's largest production engine gains even more power and torque, by removing some obstacles: in this CASE, the torque limiter in the first three gears. That means even more punch off the line (as if you needed it).

On all previous Rocket III models the massive 2,294cc engine's torque has been electronically reduced in the first three gears, presumably to prevent oh sh*t! moments. But now the restriction has been lifted and the full torque and power are on tap from the moment you drop the clutch.

To underscore the changes the company has imbued the Roadster with more darkness, replacing chromed parts with black components to further enhance the Roadster's presence and there are also new color options (complete with twin center stripes) .

As before, the Roadster includes standard ABS brakes, a two-year unlimited mileage warranty, standard and that funky twin headlight style.

New Feature Summary for 2013 Rocket III Roadster

  • More power and torque in the first three gears - 148PS (146bhp, 109kW) and 221Nm (163lb.ft, 22.5kgm).

  • New seat vinyl and stitching pattern

The Rocket III Roadster builds on the unique, torque-driven performance of the original Rocket III with a more upright and sportier riding position designed to help the rider attack the curves as this sweet handling chassis allows. The rigid frame and sophisticated suspension, comprising 43mm upside down forks and adjustable rear units, lets the Rocket III Roadster sweep through corners and change direction with an agility that belies its size and capacity. It's a high specification machine with comprehensive instrumentation including fuel gauge, gear indicator and clock, ABS brakes as standard and those unmistakable twin headlights.

Triumph says the new Rocket III Roadster will be available soon, but price is still TBA.

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