Top 3 Motorcycle Gloves of 2016

2016 Cruiser Editors' Choice

Spidi King Glove
Morgan's pick, the simple and effective King Glove from Spidi - $79.90Staff

Motorcycle Gloves are one of the most abused pieces of our daily gear. It's your main point of contact with your bike, and most often what you put first in case of an accident. Our editors got to test out gloves from some of the top companies out there, and after spending some time grippin' and rippin', here are their top picks!

Online Editor: Morgan Gales

When it comes to gloves, I have always been in the "less is more," school of thought. The King Gloves from Spidi embody that motto perfectly. Simple and clean with impact protection and top quality leather, the King Glove is a perfect no nonsense addition to my daily gear lineup.

They are made of supple Italian leather that quickly adapts to fit your hand. Molded padding in the knuckle and a smaller pad in the palm, both under black leather, provide impact protection. The only branding is embossed over the back of the hand and very subtle in the black leather. An elastic piece at the top of the wrist provides a little bit of flexibility around the two-snap closure system underneath.

I have always preferred gloves without a velcro closure, as I tend to throw them in my helmet once I take it off. I know that's a personal thing and not a big deal, but with so many glove options out there, you can afford to be picky.

These gloves are available for just under $80, and they'll last you ages. I am harder on my gear than just about anyone I know and they're showing no signs of quitting eight months of daily abuse later.

Editor-In-Chief: Jordan Mastagni

Gloves have come a long way as of late and I was definitely stoked to test out the Rayburn gloves from Alpinestars stylish and functional Oscar lineup.

Alpinestars Rayburn Glove
Jordan's pick, the stylish and fully protective Alpinestars Rayburn Glove - $99Staff

The Rayburn is a cool looking glove. But it’s so much more than style. Constructed of supple goat leather, the Rayburn is soft enough to be comfortable, but rugged enough to protect your mitts should you take a spill. Also included are synthetic suede reinforcements on the palm, heel of the palm, side hand, and pinky for even more grip for twisting the throttle hard, and the heel of the hand incorporates extra padding for protection. And lastly, the over-molded knuckle protector under the leather upper to keep the styling on point. As for breathability, the Rayburn features a perforated leather chassis to keep your fingers in the breeze on warm days.

I also dig the positioning of the zipper on the Rayburn. It’s very easy to open and close when taking your gloves off for getting gas, taking a wiz, or whatever reason you need to remove them quickly. So many glove manufacturers miss the mark when incorporating a zipper because they’re either a pain to reach when both gloves are on, or the zippered portion doesn’t work well in tailoring the fit to your hand.

Black Brand Pinstripe Glove
Jon's pick, the versatile deerskin Black Brand Pinstripe Glove - $69.95Staff

Associate Editor: Jon McDevitt

The Black Brand Pinstripe gloves complete your riding getup. You can get the Pinstripe Gloves in black or tan–I decided to go with the tan pair. I like the tan look, but I know there are many who do not (stop hatin'!). Made from top-grain deerskin with a hook-and-loop wrist closure and a tactical feel for optimum control, the Pinstripe gloves are the perfect addition to your daily ride. They do a great job in hot or cold weather, being that they do breathe with some vents, but not too much to freeze your hands in winter. The Pinstripe Gloves come with a two-year warranty and will cost you $69.

Black Brand also does a lot of work supporting the armed forces, something we are always happy to stand behind.

For these reasons the Black Brand Pinstripe Glove is my choice for the 2016 Cruiser Editor’s Pick in the gloves category.

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