Is Your Cornering Crap?

There’s a Class For That

Say you’re cruising a twisty back road and can’t quite see through the turn. How do you know there isn’t a SUV crossing the centerline on the other side? That’s just one of the reasons the Streetmasters Workshop teaches motorcyclists the late apex cornering technique. Co-owner and lead instructor Walt Fulton says, “The delayed apex is not the fastest line through a corner, but it offers you the most options. And options are a good thing for a rider.”

As a former MSF Instructor and Rider Coach, Fulton wanted to teach motorcyclists field skills without being confined to a parking lot. He knew a closed course would offer students the opportunity to practice advanced techniques in a real world setting. So, while Streetmasters does convene at a racetrack, the workshop adapts it accordingly. They paint a centerline on Horse Thief Mile at the Willow Springs Motorsports Park, and students then ride on the right side of the road. With the elevation changes, sharp curves and now the centerline, it’s exactly like the back roads we already ride.

The class is meant for riders with street-legal motorcycles, and Streetmasters’ goal is for all students to leave with more confidence and better technique in their everyday riding—on any road. The workshop also offers the Teamwork on Two Wheels program, which integrates the passenger into the system of rider, co-rider and motorcycle. Everything from the correct way to mount and dismount to communicating without a radio is covered. I didn’t take the Missus to class, but I did manage to speak to some of the two-up students and came away impressed by the skills taught at this workshop, including stressing the importance of co-riders looking through turns with the rider. The rider and co-rider are taught to work as a team in order to complete tight U-turns. The instructors also encourage the co-riders to evaluate the rider—which may result in more marriage therapy than most of us can afford. I can just hear Mrs. Neric complaining now....

Tuition is $390. You will need a valid motorcycle license, proof of insurance and full riding gear. Half- helmets are not permitted. They also ask that you have at minimum 2 years riding experience, to ensure all riders attending are comfortable with their motorcycles.

Streetmasters Tips

If a car is right up your trumpet, you don’t want to be stuck in second gear.

Look where you want to go, not at other targets. Your motorcycle will go where you are looking.

A late apex gives the rider the safest line through a turn with the most options.

Know your tip-in point: it’s after you’ve settled your entry speed and can see that your exit is clear. Then you can begin rolling on the throttle.

Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops........... $390