Long-Term Bikes: 2009 Triumph Bonneville


2009 Triumph Bonneville
MSRP $7,699

Caretaker: Trestick

Measurements: 5'5"/30-in. inseam

Odometer: 8867

Total Miles: 6863

It is time to wrap up my long-term ride. The Triumph Bonneville is a great bike in stock form. Starting from scratch, there really wasn't too much that needed changing. As always though, wants can supercede needs.

I started with some basics; exhaust, levers, tires, seat and a helmet lock. The biggest single improvement was the suspension work from Race Tech. Even though it was the priciest modification it was well worth it to have the bike set up specifically for me. I spend a fair amount of my riding time in the canyons of Southern California, and the upgraded suspension lets me keep up when the pace picks up and the road gets twisty.

The Bonnie has spent some time in the shop recently. It turned out the tip-over sensor went bad and was throwing up a check engine light. A year later and I've liked the bike so much that I'm in the process of buying it from Triumph.