SW-Motech Backpack Drybag 300 Roll-Top Backpack Review

See (inside) and be seen

I opted for the hi-vis option and, boy, did I get it. The SW-Motech Drybag 300 definitely stands out amid its peers with its bright yellow coloring and a series of retro-reflective options, which, depending on rider preference, could be a big bonus. If you prefer not to be a beacon among other motorists, you can also purchase the bag in gray.

Hello, hi-vis! The SW-Motech Drybag is sure to get you noticed.Jeff Allen

Although the reflective patches on the back and sides are a big plus in my book, other aspects subtract from the overall package, like the lack of interior padding. The tarpaulin material may be strong, but it is not padded to protect a free-floating laptop, for example, from potential damage. The single pocket on the outside can be used for storing smaller items, but that and the exterior bungee are the only extra means of keeping your gear separate and organized.

In addition to the bright yellow material, there is a reflective strip on the back, plus patches on the sides.Jeff Allen

The interior of the bag is as bright yellow on the inside as it is on outside, which makes spotting your stored items easier, unlike the darkly colored liners used for the Chrome, Wandrd, and Mission Workshop packs.

The Drybag 300 is one of the more comfortable packs that I tested. The padded straps and waistband provided a snug fit, and when I cinched down the straps to tailor them to my smaller torso, I was able to secure the excess material within the included loops—no loose ends.

The cinched waist strap significantly added to overall comfort.Jeff Allen


Price: $123.95
Capacity: 30 L
Weight: 2 lb. 10 oz.


Style: 7/10
Function: 7/10
Comfort: 10/10
Quality: 8/10
Total: 32/40