Suzuki's M109R Rider Group Holds First Meet

This brand new group held an event a couple of months ago, but we haven't gotten around to parsing through the pile of emails, photos and updates that have come trickling our way over that time.

Still, we figure, better late than never, so here's the scoop on the Suzuki Boulevard M109R Rider Group International Meet, which took place last September in Las Vegas...

The newly formed Suzuki Boulevard M109R Rider Group had its First Annual International Meet in Las Vegas Sept 17-20, 2010. What started 12 months earlier with two Suzuki Boulevard M109R riders(BamBam & Bullrider) meeting in Vegas for some riding and chatting morphed into 45 bikes and some 70+ bikers attending the first annual M109R International Meet. The crew decided to dub the even "international" due to 12 of the riders coming from Australia, while about a dozen came down from Canada. The rest hailed from all over the US with the largest contingent showing up from Washington State (also home to Bullrider).

Befitting a new organization that required most members to travel great distances to attend, they kept the itinerary simple. The group based at Hooters Bar & Casino (where else?!) in Las Vegas and staged a Friday ride through town to show off their rigs to the locals. Saturday started with a 9am blast out to Hoover Dam for a photoshoot, followed by a lunch at Sugars in Moapa. Dinner that night took place at Hooters, with an Awards presentation for all the attendees afterward. Sunday - the day of rest, consisted of a laid-back schedule of roller coaster hopping, go carting and shooting range trips.

Around 45 bikes made the trip, consisting mainly of Suzuki M109R’s with one C109RT. They endured the blast furnace heat Vegas is famous for, with temperatures hitting approximately 105 degrees at the hottest point of the day, each day.

Highlights included a Saturday cruise out to Mt Charleston (elevation: 7,500 feet) for a nice sampling of twisty roads in both directions. The return route wound back through scenic Red Rock canyon for even more fun roads and gobs of photo ops. We've posted some of the photos from the forum, and some more GMan forwarded to us. Thanks for the info, Gary!

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