2018 Honda CBR600RR

Light speed with a license plate.

2018 Honda CBR600RRHonda

Long a foundational class for MotoAmerica and the Daytona 200 classic, 600 supersports are the everyman’s purebred sportbike. At just over two-thirds the price of a 1,000cc superbike, in the right hands 600s can romp all over their bigger brothers. The CBR600RR’s 599cc inline-four is truly a race-bred engine, developing peak power at a stratospheric 13,500 rpm. While that’s fantastic on the track, it also means constantly shifting the close-ratio six-speed gearbox is essential. So, obviously, the CBR600RR and its classmates are for the hardened enthusiast only. The meek may inherit the earth and all, but until then they needn’t apply here.

Low mass and quick response define the CBR600RR from its CAD files up. With its mass-centralizing 4.8-gallon fuel tank brimming, it weighs just 410 pounds and has rapid-fire chassis geometry, including a short 53.9-inch wheelbase and a steep 23.5-degree steering angle. This ain't no Easy Rider chopper, friends. But there's a gentrified side to the CBR600RR too, because its startling top-end performance is balanced by an almost electric-motor-smooth engine, fuss-free overall operation, and a one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.

Likes: Standard electronic steering damper and combined antilock braking system

Dislikes: Costly to buy and insure compared to lesser alternatives

Verdict: Exotic performance in a compact, balanced package

2018 Honda CBR600RR Specs and Pricing

MSRP $11,799