Somewear Satellite Communicator Keeps You Connected

Stay in touch no matter where you are.

Somewear satellite communicator in the middle of the desert in Morocco.Morgan Gales

A huge part of motorcycling is getting away. Hopping on your bike and heading out into whatever wilderness or remote road you want to see—the world is yours to explore. But doing so alone carries risks, and the farther you get from civilization, as is often the goal, the harder it is to find help should you need it. Somewear is a small and easy-to-carry device that lets you send and receive text messages through your phone from anywhere in the world, along with weather reporting, location tracking, and SOS monitoring. Now you are free to get out of town, off the grid, and know you’ll be taken care of if anything should go awry.

I took the Somewear unit with me to Morocco on a several-day excursion through the middle of the desert. We would be spending multiple days and nights far from any civilization and miles from any cell signal—the perfect place to test a satellite communicator. The company said the unit works better from outside, so I connected my phone to it via Bluetooth and set it atop my tent while I lay inside. The unit quickly connected to the satellite and gave me full bars. Within seconds I was sending SMS messages from Africa to California and getting quick responses back. I know it’s meant for more serious communication, but sexting your girlfriend from the middle of the Sahara is pretty nice too. I brought the unit inside my tent and was still able to get some signal, but not nearly as strong as when it was up on the roof. Somewear claims the unit can send and receive more than 1,000 messages on a single charge, so that’s just one more assurance that you won’t be left stranded.

Luckily we didn’t have to test any of the SOS features, but 24/7 monitoring is provided by Geos Worldwide, with a massive international monitoring and response network. The SOS feature is activated by prying the lid off of the top and pressing on the large SOS button. You will see the light come on next to “Sending SOS” and then switch to “SOS Sent,” once it’s sent though. There is also an application for your smartphone that makes it easy for chosen friends or family to track your location while you travel because, after all, you don’t always have time to send a message or hit that SOS button.

The Somewear unit is available for $350 and requires a subscription service that ranges from less than $10 to $50 a month, with discounts or extra inclusions if you pay annually. On the website it says the Somewear unit is gaining more features with each update, so we’re excited to see what else will come onboard with this helpful little communicator.