Simpson Ghost Bandit: Unboxing

Simpson Race Products' new vented motorcycle helmet

SImpson Race Products has been around for ages making top of the line helmets and suits for everything from Nascar to NHRA drags, but in more recent years they have found incredible success in motorcycle helmets. The Street Bandit and M30 are two of the most badass helmets on the market, not to mention the new M50, which can be seen in our recent VIDEO HERE.

Simpson Ghost Bandit
Simpson Ghost BanditSimpson Race Products

The new Simpson Ghost Bandit is the most comfortable, convenient and modern of the Simpson motorcycle lineup. With venting up front and exhaust vents in the rear, this helmet will allow for much more airflow than some of their other moto models. There is also a flipdown sun visor, actuated with a slide on the left side, which is convenient when touring or if you primarily ride at night and prefer a clear shield. Another modern convenience is the speaker holes worked into the hard foam beside the ears.

We love that Simpson has upped their game a little bit with this helmet, while maintaining their trademark badass look. We can't wait to get some saddle time with this lid and let you know how it feels and sounds out on the road!

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