Seven Sins Choppers Monster Ignition Wires

Add some flair to your spark with these 16mm flake wires from Seven Sins

Sometimes it doesn't take a lot to add a heavy dose of style. Just a little bit of something unexpected, a little pop of color, can go a long way. With over 40 colors available, and more custom options available if you hit them up directly, Seven Sins UFO Ignition Wires are a quick and easy way to add some personal flare to your Sportster or custom H-D.

Seven Sins UFO Cables
16mm Monster UFO Ignition Wires - $80Seven Sins Choppers

The 16mm Monster wires not only look great but they have extra spark protection from the several layers which make up the wire. We start with a highly conductive core which is covered with high temp silicone. This is then jacketed with a strong fiberglass cloth layer which is then covered with another silicone high temp layer and finally top coated with a thick UFO layer.

These will work for most Harley's that have the relocation coil. Each kit comes fully constructed with dual connection terminals, dual black boots & custom Seven Sins Choppers 16mm spark plug wire. This kit comes with dual leads w/ 180 degree straight spark plug boots and 90 degree coil boots, but other options are available if you contact them directly.

Head over to to check out the full range of colors and some of their other awesome products.