Scorpion Open-Face Helmet EXO-100 And More - New Products

Keep Your Hat On
Open-face helmets aren't really known for having trick features, but Scorpion's newest model, the EXO-100, might just change that perception. At first glance it's just another DOT-legal, polycarbonate-shelled, open-face helmet, but look again.
The key feature is the "SpeedView" sun visor that retracts into the helmet with the push of a button. There are also removable ear curtains for warmth when it's cold, as well as for mounting helmet speakers. The lining is moisture-wicking, and the outer visor is removable, too. This swank new lid is priced at $110 and can be seen at
Lasso That Lil' Doggie!
To make life safer for your bike while trailering, Montana Ltd. has created a hard alternative to traditional nylon tie-downs. The Montana Trailering Stabilizers are a set of telescoping stainless steel tubes that adjust to fit most any motorcycle-and-trailer configuration. The company claims the MTS won't stretch or loosen during use. The bars, depending on the model, fasten onto the handlebars or engine-guard bars and produce little to no pressure on the front forks. They even lock in place for theft deterrence. The Stabilizers run $225 a pair; you can order them at
You Don't Gotta Shout
First there was one-handed sign language between riders and passengers-a limited communication method at best. Then came wired electronics, but that lassoed us-literally-to our riding partners. Now, thanks to ubiquitous Bluetooth technology, riders are wireless, too. The Chatterbox XBi is a Bluetooth wireless device that allows two-way communication between the rider and passenger via either voice activation or a push-to-talk button. In addition, each module can be paired with two Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as an MP3 player or cell phone. The XBi is $180 per module; see other details at
Extra Shine For Your Star
No matter how custom-looking a bike comes from the factory, owners always want to put their own stamp on it. For you Star Raider owners, Cobra Engineering now has more than 40 bolt-on accessories and exhaust systems. Cobra claims the pictured Swept Speedsters exhaust gives "improved performance with torque and horsepower gains." The accessories include a 11/2-inch chromed-steel freeway bar and a "minimalist," 1-inch, chromed-steel engine-case guard. But don't stop there: Why not grab some billet-aluminum rider and passenger floorboards, a backrest and a luggage rack? Go to to plan your customizing.
And For Cool Cats
Desert Dawgs are wind and rain guards that attach to your motorcycle's engine guards or crashbars. Installation takes two minutes, with attachment by three snaps, a belt clip and hook-and-loop fasteners, allowing them to be quickly removed, too. The company claims the Dawgs do not affect bike handling, but they do repel rain and road spray and prevent buffeting against the legs. The big news is that they are now available for the Star V Star family of motorcycles. The Dawgs can be had for $105 a pair. Visit for other fitments.
Stella! Stella!
Ladies, you'll forget all about Brando once you get your eyes on these boots. Alpinestars' new Stella Armada WP Boot is made to do it all. You'll find full-grain leather construction, a waterproof membrane, heel and toe reinforcement, a shock-absorbing layer in the innersole and impact-absorbing foam around the ankles. The full-length lacing helps provide a custom fit, and the outer soles are also designed to maximize grip, durability and comfort. Retro style, protection and comfort-what's not to love? See for more details on these $270 works of art.
Plenty Of Room In Back
You've just bought the saddlebags of your dreams, only to discover that you can't mount them because the turn signals are in the way. What to do? Stick 'em farther back with Hardstreet's new turn signal/license plate mounting bracket. The chrome-finished bracket relocates the turn signals while simultaneously tidying up your bike's rear end. The mounting holes for the license plate will work with spacing from 51/2 to 61/4 inches. Hardstreet says the bracket is perfect for your bobber project, too. Get your $40 bracket at or call 800.770.2259.
O Solo Mio
Sometimes you just have to ride alone. To make the journey hassle-free, West-Eagle Motorcycle Products has created a Solo Seat Mounting Kit. Starting at $160 for rigid-mount seats, the kits include everything necessary to go from being anchored down with a passenger to quick on your wheels by yourself: brackets, frame cover and all hardware. And West-Eagle has a wide range of solo seats for sale, too. The solo-seat kit is available for a variety of metric and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Check out the goods at or call 310.787.8577.