Riding Gear - Crazy From The Heat - Buyer's Guide

Ah, the dog days of summer. If you're like most of us, you ride primarily during the warm months between May and September, when the grass is high and the asphalt clear. It's the best time for frost-free cruising, but it also brings scorching temperatures and uncomfortable humidity. It's not easy to find gear that's breezy and comfortable mid-season, yet still provides proper protection and versatility. Each year, we too wrestle with the perennial dilemma: What to wear to beat the heat?

Against all logic, more is better when it comes to hot-weather riding gear. A recent British survey revealed that on a warm day (65 degrees Fahrenheit) a motorcyclist riding 45 to 55 mph experiences a chilling effect equivalent to 33 degrees. That's only one degree above freezing; especially ill-prepared riders could even suffer hypothermia. But clothes that are right for cold-weather riding are invariably too hot once you stop. In order to roll with the punches, dress in several layers so you can strip down as conditions warrant.

Modern apparel design has progressed and there are alternatives out there. Joe Rocket's Phoenix jacket started the mesh gear revolution a few years back. Mesh construction finally handed riders a protective yet comfortable solution to those scorching days when all you really wanted to wear was a T-shirt. With this guide, we hope to offer some other solutions to the denim and cotton dilemma, from your head down to your toes.

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