Revolver Series Accessory Bolts from Pro Pad

Add outlaw style to your windshield or seat

Loaded Trim Screws from Pro Pad, Inc.
Loaded Trim Screws from Pro Pad, Inc.Pro Pad, Inc.

PPIs new Revolver series Windshield Trim Screws replace the stock button-head screws on Harley-Davidson motorcycle windshields. This product features ¼”-20 threads and stainless steel construction for the “batwing” and 10-32 screws for the Road Glide. The decorative screws are offered in two finishes (black and polished stainless) and come with brass inserts.

Also available are the Revolver series seat knob screws. 1/4-20 threads for all current HD bikes. These are also available in black and polished stainless (and come with .22 brass). Windsheild trim screw sets are available to accommodate Road Glides, Classics (1996-2013), and Classics (2014-2016). Pricing starts at $39.95. Seat knobs are. $19.95.

Black Revolver Screw with brass
Black Revolver Screw with brassPro Pad, Inc.

For more information on the Revolver scres and other products from Pro Pad, check out their website