Rad Racing Sportster Crash

Motorcycle surfing gone wrong

We've all seen the videos of guys surfing their Sportsters (I don't know why it's always Sportsters). I knew there were outtakes. But it's not the style of this group to clip out the wipeouts, and I love that because it's not mine either. I have been following Rad Racing for a while now, actually since they posted a photo of me doing some stupid shit on my Dyna, and they're pretty insane. Lots of wheelies, cycle surfin', burnouts, beer drinking and general hooliganry. The group is based out of Southern California. They make a wicked skate rack that fits to most motorcycles, anywhere you can fit a 5/16 bolt. This video is just a clip of their antics, you can visit their website to see a longer trailer for the DVD they just put out.

So if you get weird on your bike, compete in the street, or just like watching these crazy dudes that do: check out the Rad Racing Instagram @Rad_Racing and their website HERE