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Tech Tip

Whenever there's the likelihood of two adjacent panels chaffing against each other the normal practice is place some kind of insulating material between them so they won't squeak, rattle or worse, erode the paint. Typically the OEMs use apiece of clear tape or a strip of foam to do the job which is all fine and dandy, until you need to replace it and discover as I recently did that (a) it's not in stock, and (b) it's about 8 bucks a square inch! So much for the OEM stuff. Fortunately I found something even better down at the local hardware store. What they had were an assortment of soft, clear plastic "buttons" with adhesive on one side that are meant to be placed on furniture legs to protect floors and carpets from damage or used as cabinet door bumpers. The buttons are available in several diameters, from maybe 3/16" to 1" and a package of six cost me about two bucks. Just peel them off their backing and stick 'em anywhere you need to prevent chaffing, (okay, maybe not anywhere) and no more squeaks, rattles or worn paint.

A strategically placed bumper will prevent this Triumph's inner fender from eroding away the paint where it contacts the rear fender.