Polaris Slingshot Breaks Cover

Polaris Slingshot SL
Courtesy of SlingshotForum.com

The people who’ve brought us Victory and Indian motorcycles are now giving us something entirely different: the three-wheeled Slingshot.

We haven’t ridden — driven — one yet, but Mike Jonikas, Vice President of Slingshot, says it is “awe-inspiring.”

Normally that’s the kind of thing you can expect company executives to say about their products, but the looks and specs of the thing suggest he may very well be right.

The three-wheeler has two wheels in front and one in back — the trike configuration that provides the greatest amount of stability.

It's a bike, not a car

The vehicle is classified as a motorcycle. If it were classified a car it would need all kinds of fitments like air bags, a collapsing steering arm, bumpers, all of which add weight and complication and cost. The Slingshot is launching with two trim and price levels. The base model costs $19,999 and the fancier SL costs $23,999.

It comes with a 2.4 liter four cylinder motor that puts out 173 hp. That power goes through a manual five-speed transmission, with reverse, to a transfer case at the back end that provides power to the rear wheel by belt.

And all this in a vehicle that weighs about 1,700 lbs, fueled and oiled.

That’s a power-to-weight ratio that puts the Slingshot in the league of a Porsche or Camaro, the more powerful models. And while the company hasn’t yet stated how fast the thing will go, that kind of weight and power means it will probably hit 60 mph in slightly less than five seconds. So, fast enough.

Polaris Slingshot Family Picture
Courtesy of SlingshotForum.com

Few Competitors

The Slingshot has only one obvious competitor in its price range, depending on trim level, and that’s the Can Am Spyder. However, you sit on the Spyder rather than in it.

There are other three-wheelers on the market that offer side-by-side seating for two — the Morgan and Campagna T-Rex, to name just a couple — but they cost quite a bit more.

The base model comes in silver metallic paint and the SL in red. The SL comes with larger wheels front and back, a back-up camera, and LCD screen on the dash for the media console, Bluetooth, six-speaker sound system, a windscreen.

Both machines share the same chassis and drivetrain, and we can’t wait to try one out. Polaris says the machines will be available for sale this fall.

Learn more at http://www.polarisslingshot.com.