Pinstripe Deer Skin Gloves from Black Brand

Soft deer skin like your work gloves in a vented, protective moto fit

Pinstripe glove by Black Brand
Pinstripe Glove by Black Brand - $69.95Morgan Gales

Deerskin gloves have always been some of my favorites. The leather is soft and supple, yet still tough enough to protect you if you slide. This glove is made entirely of this high-quality leather, with venting throughout and padded knuckles and palm. Available in black or tan, these gloves offer instant tactile feel, a comfortable feeling on the handgrips and a very cool screened design on the top-side with a unique elastic top and underside hook-and-loop closure.

Black Brand Glove Performance Features:

-Top-grain deer skin construction
-Tactile feel for optimum control
-Available in Black or Tan
-Pinstripe and skull graphic
-Hook-and-loop wrist closure
-Two-year manufacturers warranty

This glove is available for $69.95 HERE

Pinstripe Glove Black Brand
Pinstripe Glove by Black Brand palm detailMorgan Gales