What New and Unique Product Is On the Horizon for the Honda GoldWing?

Introducing the Horizon GT multi-adjustable handlebars for 2001-2012 GL1800!

Since the Honda GoldWing was first introduced, an entire industry has developed around providing GL owners with every imaginable adornment for their beloved GoldWing. In chrome, chrome and more chrome. Seats, windshields, floorboards, wind deflectors, tons of purely decorative bits, electronics, cupholders and more chrome are all available.

At HeliBars, our focus for 25 years has been helping motorcycle riders find their elusive "comfort zone" for all day riding comfort. The GL1800 has been a favorite ride for many years, and after putting many miles on it we identified some key deficiencies in the handlebar position. The stock GL grips are angled too steeply to the rear, a bit too low and actually too close - kind of like pushing a loaded wheel barrel. Turning the bars to the left or right steering stops puts the bar ends practically in your lap and for some riders the bar ends actually hit their thighs. Not ideal for low speed handling.

In 2007 when we bought our second GL1800, we headed to the drawing board in our quest for the comfort zone we knew was possible on this great bike. We started developing various prototypes based around our patent pending Horizon multi-adjustable handlebar with unique features to specifically suit the Wing. We knew the stock handlebars had to go because no adapter could fix the severe rearward grip angle. Considerable time and energy produced a brand new version of the Horizon concept that addressed every drawback of the stock handlebars, which we call the "Horizon GT".

With the grips between 2-3 inches taller than stock (depending on adjustments) and wrist angles adjustable forward and back and up and down, it is now possible to find that natural fit. No more neck, shoulder, central and lower back pain. Test ride after test ride proved the concept.

What do you do to confirm you're on the right track? Install a second pre-production set of handlebars on another Wing for independent testing. A call to Adam at Rocket Moto had him instantly accepting the challenge. To quote Adam after riding with the Horizon GTs for a month, "The bike feels like its 300 pounds lighter". That was our feeling, and his words proved we'd found the perfect balance between touring comfort and sportbike handling.


  • 2" to 3" taller than stock
  • 1" to 3" back measured at the control housing end of the grips
  • Wrist angle adjustable for complete long term comfort
  • Dramatic improvement in low and moderate speed handling
  • Improved feedback from the front wheel
  • 50% reduction in handlebar flexing
  • 1 inch crossbar connects left and right handlebar pivots-provides a perfect place to mount gadgets
  • Featuring large channels on the back side of the risers to accept additional wiring.
  • PRICE: To Be Determined