Press Release: KICKER® EB91 MicroFit™ In-Ear Monitors Provide a Comfortable Fit to Most Any Size of Ear Canal

**STILLWATER, USA **- Innovative KICKER® EB91 MicroFit™ In-Ear Monitors make extended wear of audio plugs more enjoyable than ever with even more choices of tips to fit the smallest ear canals. EB91s also come with average-sized tips for an ultra-comfortable seal in any ear size, while still delivering noise-isolating, premium full-range sound and legendary KICKER bass response.

KICKER research has shown that ear canals range in various sizes, and EB91 MicroFit In-Ear Monitors were specifically created with this in mind. Its aluminum monitor housing is 33 percent smaller than standard in-ear monitors, making for the most lightweight and comfortable plugs available. This perfect fit, using four sizes of super-soft silicone tips and impedance-aligned, 8-millimeter micro drivers tuned for exceptional sonic performance, ensures any lengthy music-listening session is always a comfortable one.

The EB91's 53-inch, black braided cloth cable is virtually indestructible, now reinforced with Kevlar® for long life, secure connection and ultimate reliability. The braided cloth weave is smooth and less prone to tangles. Kevlar, the same material used in bulletproof vests for military and law enforcement, has allowed the KICKER Ultra-Gauge™ cable to perform excellently under the most strenuous factory stress testing.

EB91 MicroFit In-Ear Monitors connect to any one-eighth-inch jack, including the unique recessed jack on the iPhone,™ with a corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated plug. Four colors of EB91s are available: gold, silver, black or pink.

KICKER Performance Audio products, a division of Stillwater Designs and Audio, Inc.®, are available for the mobile and home audio aftermarket at authorized dealers worldwide, and also through selected Original Equipment Manufacturers. Consumers needing more information on KICKER or Livin' Loud® may call the Consumer Information Line at 1-800-256-5425 or visit the brand Web site at Follow KICKER at and

Kevlar is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. iPhone is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

EB91 MicroFit In-Ear Monitors Specifications

Frequency Response, Hz 23-19.5k
Sensitivity, dB/1mW 100
Nominal Impedance, ohm 16
Cord Length, in (cm) 53.15 (135)
Plug Type, in (mm) 1/8 (3.5) plug with corrosion-resistant nickel plating
Magnet Material Neodymium Iron Boron (Nd-Fe-B) Weight/Mass, oz (g) .35 (10)
Speaker Diameter, in (mm) .32 (8) micro driver, impedance-aligned
Max Input Power, mW 10
Max Output, dB 110
MSRP $39.95

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KICKER® EB91 MicroFit™ In-Ear Monitors Provide a Comfortable Fit to Most Any Size of Ear Canal