Nolan Unveils New N104 Lid

New Modular Helmet Released at The New York IMS Show

Jan. 25, 2012 - Fresh bikes weren't the only things being presented at the 2012 International Motorcycle Show in New York last weekend. Nolan also introduced their new N-104 to the public, as a preview to its official presentation at Dealer Expo in February. Nolan says its newest modular helmet is due to arrive on U.S. shores by mid-February.

The new N104 is the synthesis of all of Nolan's previous modular helmet innovations, starting with the original N100 in 1998. Like all other Nolan lids, the N104 is 100% made in Italy, and it too sports the latest safety and comfort features, all integrated into a contemporary design.

With a size range of XXS to XXXL, and availability in two shell sizes (XXS - L in the small shell; XL - XXXL in the large shell), the N104 strives to keep the weight and volume of the helmet proportional to the size of the rider. The lightweight and aerodynamic Lexan® polycarbonate shell also features a built-in spoiler for improved stability.

The N104 brings an ultra-large, optically correct visor to cover the extremely wide and tall eyeport, and can be easily swapped out via a simple push-button release mechanism. The visor also offers UV400 protection and accepts a new silicone-seal Pinlock® anti-fog insert (which mounts in a recess inside the shield) to keep the rider fog-free.

As on the 103 model, you'll also find the fog-and-scratch resistant VPS (Vision Protection system), an internal sunshield that's lowered by a slider; what's new on the 104 is fresh button design on the lower trim of the helmet, that retracts the shield instantly.

The pivoting chinbar retains the sturdy stainless steel latching mechanism and patented elliptical trajectory, which works to bring the chinbar closer to the helmet, thus reducing wind resistance when riding with the helmet open. The chinbar can also be locked in the upper position for additional safety via a P/J slider.

Nolan fans will also recognize the chinbar's dual-action Centromatic® release system (pull the tab on the underside of the chinbar while squeezing the front tab to open), that keeps the chinbar more securely closed.

Chinbar vents for cooling are operated by a centrally located slider, but the new Airbooster system channels air from front air intakes through internal tubes and disperses it along the crown of the helmet, all the way to the exhaust vents. Forehead vents can be opened independently from the top vents to customize the air flow.

Inside is a fully removable and washable four-piece Clima-Comfort® padding that wicks moisture, is breathable and treated to be antibacterial and antifungal. It is also designed to accommodate eyeglass/sunglass stems.

Other new rider-friendly features include reflective panels on the neck roll and the chin curtain to improve visibility at night (the neck roll can also be removed during the warmer summer months), and a new, smaller Microlock (adjustable quick-release) retention system. Velour chinstrap padding comes standard, and as you'd expect, the N-104 will also accept N-com B4, Nolan's all-in-one BlueTooth® communication system.

  • DOT approved (in Europe ECE-2205).

The new N-104 comes with a wind protector with a reflective panel, a Pinlock® antifog insert, and an owner's manual. MSRP is $449.95 (for solid colors), and $499.95 (Voyage and Action graphics).

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