Nolan Announces Multi2 and NCOMB1 Comm Systems

Sometimes Simpler Is Better

Nearly a decade ago, Nolan broke new ground by becoming the first company to introduce Bluetooth wireless technology into its line of touring helmets. At that time, nobody was quite sure of Bluetooth's potential, but today, being able to communicate while on your motorcycle has become an expected amenity for many riders.

One of the Ncom system's better qualities is the ease of installation, as well as the seamless integration it provides. Over the years, performance has increased and features have become more numerous, resulting in huge benefits for technologically-minded riders.

On the other hand, it has frustrated riders who just want basic communication. So Nolan decided to step back and introduce two new products to their line of communication systems.

The NCOM B1 is the new entry-level Bluetooth communication system for Ncom-ready helmets. Two different kits are designed to fit into all models of Nolan helmets that are Ncom-ready, without any modification, for simple and fast installation.

The B1 is ideal for single riders who want to connect their phone, GPS or music source via BlueTooth®, with the additional capability to plug another device to the headset. The complete kit is priced at $229.95 MSRP.

A couple riding on the same motorcycle or at close distance (max 150 ft) can also use the B1 for helmet to helmet communication; each one can plug another BlueTooth® device in their helmet and/or accessories to their helmets. A set of two kits sells for $379.95 MSRP.

The Multi2 Kit is a universal Ncom headset that will fit any helmet that's not Ncom-ready, whether it's a Nolan or any other brand. It is compatible with all Ncom products, so it's a good match for friends who want to chat but don't wear the same helmet brand.

It offers helmet to helmet BlueTooth® communication, as well as the ability to connect to a GPS and/or phone, and additional devices. A single kit sells for $214.95 or a set of two kits is $369.95.

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