New Product Release: Outlaw Unveils New Dual-Visor and Carbon Fiber Helmets

Outlaw Motorcycle Helmets - perhaps better known for its products' light weight and extreme graphics - is bringing some advancements to the value end of the motorcycle helmet segment.

New for this year is Outlaw's new dual-visor system helmet. The dual visor technology, which allows a rider to slide down an internal sun shield while riding instead of wearing goggles or sunglasses, is a major improvement over older half-helmet designs. The new, lighter shell has received positive reviews from riders, and it’s said to be more comfortable, and sits better on the head. Outlaw credits new helmet mold machines from Italy for the development of fit and comfort.

The New Outlaw Carbon-Fiber Half Motorcycle Helmet:
Later this year Outlaw helmets is also introducing a new DOT -approved carbon-tech half helmet that is much lighter and with thinner padding than any half helmet on the market. It took over a year to develop the technology for the world's lightest DOT-approved half helmet, and Outlaw Helmets is the first major brand to carry them in the U.S. Starting at $69.96-89.95, the helmets are said to be light-weight, have a perfect fit, and very comfortable.

Outlaw is also in the development of a motorcycle accessories and motorcycle parts line, with a planned release in mid-2011.

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