MOTORESS Launches a New Web Site and Introduces Cosmetic Line for Women Riders

Toronto, Wednesday September 8, 2010 - is not only a web site, but a Toronto based global company launching a brand new cosmetic and garment line for women who ride. "It's absolutely thrilling to introduce a high-end glamour line of cosmetic basics with women riders' needs in mind, to an industry that is so predominately masculine," says Vicki Gray, the founder of MOTORESS. "It is also a great moment for since we are offering an updated website. It was time to improve its usability and refresh its look to continue catering to our visitors. With the introduction of MOTORESS exclusive products, we needed to update the shopping experience", she adds.

Since its introduction in 2006, MOTORESS continues to engage women riders. Today, the company offers women new products and services supporting their needs as enthusiasts in the lifestyle of motorsport. "It was time to introduce something specifically feminine and what we've appropriately named "Beauty Gear©" to the wardrobe for women riders!" adds Vicki. MOTORESS Beauty Gear© includes lipstick, lip glaze, lip gloss, pressed mineral powder bronzer and mineral face and body shimmer powder. Product colours have been named with a motorcycle theme such as Racette, Zoom and Adrenaline for the lipsticks. Lip gloss and lip glaze come in colours called Velocity, Torque and Rebel Diva.

All lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E - known for soothing and healing properties. The formula is long lasting, super shiny and glossy with a lightweight feel. The texture is creamier and richer than other varieties, leaving your lips feeling luscious while accenting them with dazzling colour. MOTORESS lip glosses have been formulated for protection against the drying and damaging effects of the elements. All the information on this new cosmetic line is available on the web site. "All products are available right now on line and world wide", says Vicki who enjoyed her first corporate career in the beauty industry with Revlon International. The "Beauty Gear©" line will eventually be available through select motorcycle dealerships later this year" Vicki adds.

The garment line will carry a small selection of t-shirt styles and a track jacket all made from either Bamboo or stretch Bamboo with a slight blend of organic cotton. Bamboo is gentle on the skin but high on performance. It's moisture-wicking, antibacterial and UV resistant qualities make it ideal for wearing underneath motorcycle gear but soft and gentle for a woman's more delicate skin. "Our International Female Ride Day t-shirt was from Bamboo and organic cotton and was a huge success all over the world" adds Vicki. The feedback we received underlined the decision to expand with our Bamboo. We have exciting future plans as we move forward with MOTORESS products, clothing and "Beauty Gear©" for women riders!", says Vicki.

The cosmetics and apparel will be available online only via the e-shop located within the newly redesigned website. MOTORESS fans will be able to continue enjoying the websites broad range of news, articles and reviews. Of course, the e-Shop will be easily reachable.

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