Custom Chrome BringsTire Sealant to American Harley Riders At Last

The trusted distributor of bike parts will now distribute Ride-On tire sealant

LOS ANGELES, July 2012 -- Custom Chrome's International catalog has included Ride-On's Motorcycle Tire Sealant and Balancer for some time. Because of this, Ride-On has made some significant headway in the overseas V-twin and Harley-Davidson market. Today, Ride-On has received the greatest compliment a manufacturer can receive from a distributor: the decision to sell in the U.S., Harley-Davidson's motherland. Consequently, Harley and V-Twin riders are about to experience a new way to handle flat tire repair: simply never having to do it..

Notoriously independent, motorcycle riders are historically among the gearheads who might be most hesitant to think about using a tire sealant for their motorcycles. However, Custom Chrome knows Ride-On's tire sealant isn't the usual gooey mess with questionable functionality. Ride-On is the only proven tire balancer and sealant system designed to not only prevent porosity air loss and flat tires from punctures, but also a truly superior alternative to traditional wheel weight balancing. Ride-On's exclusive formula is a gel, applied inside the tires, that makes any tire into a self-sealing one, thus eliminating a major concern of motorcyclists. What's more, as a hydrodynamic tire balancer, Ride-On doesn't throw the tire out of balance like other puncture repair methods and tire sealants, it actually helps keep a tire balanced for life without the need for environmentally hazardous, ugly lead weights. Powder or bead based balancers have been on the market for some time. Although they are good at balancing tires, they are very limited and can often throw a tire out of balance temporarily during hard braking and accelerating. Furthermore, these beads and powders are often abrasive to the inner liner of tires (evidenced by rubber dust and particles that accumulate in the tire) causing damage that increases porosity air loss and voids tire manufacturer warranties.

Ride-On for Harley riders is a natural match. With Ride-On and Custom Chrome, your ride no longer has to stop because of a flat.

To learn about Ride-On, visit You can also call Inovex Industries, Inc., the manufacturer of Ride-On Tire Protection System Tire Sealants at 1(888)347-3366.

Custom Chrome BringsTire Sealant to American Harley Riders At Last - Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine