CR Tested | PulseTech Quadlink-Four-Channel Battery Charger Multiplier

I’ve been using PulseTech’s Xtreme Charger for years, with excellent results, and their latest innovation, the Quadlink, looks to be cut from the same cloth. Essentially the QL/4 is a conduit that lets you connect up to four batteries to a single charger, preferably an Xtreme, though any automatic charger will work just fine. It routes the charger’s output to each battery in the chain, charges it for ten minutes, then moves to the next battery in line. It repeats the charging sequence until either you disconnect it, or the electric company shuts off your power.

If for some reason you’d like to charge one battery for more than ten minutes while leaving another battery or two on the charger, you can connect any unused terminals to the battery in need, which multiplies the charge time per cycle by an extra ten minutes per lead.

Having the ability to charge four batteries at once is nice, but what makes the link unique is its ability to charge different types of batteries at the same time, regardless of their construction; the only caveat is that the charger you’re connected to must be capable of selecting the correct charging mode automatically. What this means is that you can charge your cruiser’s AGM, your vintage bike’s flooded cell, plus your father-in-law’s Gel golf cart battery all at the same time without worrying about cooking anything, and that’s an important consideration.

Included with the link are four eyeleted battery cables along with an equal number of five foot-extensions and a hardware kit to permanently mount the unit on the wall, as opposed to tossing it on the workbench like I did.

With a retail price of nearly 100 bucks, not counting the price of a compatible charger, the Quadlink might seem pricey, not to mention unnecessary if you've only got one bike to charge. On the flip side, it seems a lot more economical when you consider it's the only device I can think of that'll let you charge the battery in your bike, your boat, your car and your lawn tractor at the same time. As my wife pointed out, that reduces its cost to just 25 bucks a leg. - MZ
Raiting: ****