Pagnol M1 Motorcycle Jacket

A Great Leather Jacket for On and Off the Bike

Pagnol M1 Jacket
The Pagnol M1 Leather Motorcycle Jacket is great piece for on and off the bike.Pagnol

Designed with rider in mind, the Pagnol M1 Leather Jacket can be worn on or off the bike. I like options like that. Style and function are paramount when shopping for a motorcycle jacket and Pangol's M1 checks both boxes.

The Pagnol M1 ($599) is available in the tobacco color (shown), or classic black, and is a great overall jacket for multiple reasons. It features a 1.2mm tumble-aged cowhide leather thickness that will only get better with age. It also comes standard with ¼-inch shock absorption padding on the shoulders with a removable back protector that stuffs easily into the pocket located in the lining. For ventilation in the warm months, the sleeves feature a perforated leather design with two chest pockets/vents, and for the ultimate in comfort accordion panels have been added to the back and elbows for mobility. In addition to the two chest pockets, there are also two inner zip pockets for personal belongings. Pagnol definitely did its research to outfit the M1 with the appropriate accouterments that motorcyclists crave in a jacket.

Pagnol M1 Motorcycle Jacket
Shown here in the Tobacco color, the Pagnol M1 is also available in classic black.Pagnol

Now that you’re outfitted with the facts, here’s how the M1 performs on the road. As for function, the M1 inspires confidence while riding. I felt protected. The torso part of the jacket fit me brilliantly out of the packaging, even with the back protector inserted, thanks to the rear accordion panel. Before shipping out on a 1,000-mile trek with a few buds, the M1 did feel a bit stiff in the arms, especially the biceps (too many 100-pound curls, I guess… not!). But envision an already form fitting jacket with somewhat bulky armor in the elbows and shoulders mixed with stiff cowhide and Mr. Olympian-sized guns, and you can understand why it fit a big snug.

However, after a couple hundred miles in the scorching 90-degree sun with 90-percent humidity, the cowhide leather loosened up quite nicely, kind of like a prom date full of Strawberry Hill, and the M1 ultimately formed to my arms as if it were tailor-made just for me–yet it probably helped that I profusely perspired like Hillary Clinton during her FBI investigation. After a few days, the leather relaxed enough to where arm mobility increased to fit just right.

I did have a bit of trouble getting the YKK zipper up with gloves on. Getting it down not so much (I swear I never usually have trouble getting it up). Yes, YKK zippers are heavy-duty construction, but a couple times I had to yank my sweaty-palmed gloves off just to get my jacket zipped. Again, I chock this up to break-in period, but it was kind of annoying although not a deal breaker. I did however feel more at ease that if I did hit the asphalt, at least my jacket would stay zipped.

Pagnol M1 Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Out for a cruise with the Pagnol M1 Leather Motorcycle Jacket.Pagnol

Pocket storage is ample. Four pockets (two in the front chest, and two inners) kept my personal belongings tucked nicely.

As for ventilation, the bike I was riding during this 1,000-mile trek was outfitted with a rather large windscreen, which made it tough to test the ventilation on this jacket. Once I got back home I made a point to sport the M1 while riding one of the smaller cruisers on a warm day. I was pleased with how cool I stayed as a result.

Quality jackets are like a quality pair of boots: a little break-in time is required before they fit the way they’re supposed to; same case with the M1. Now the M1 is one of my favorites in my collection and I find myself pulling it from the closet more often than not.