Pagnol M1 Jacket

Modern style and protection

Pagnol M1 Motorcycle Jacket

What do you do if you are a motorcycle enthusiast with a day job as a fashion designer, and you hate the way you look off the bike in motorcycle gear? You build your own line of fashion-first motorcycle apparel.

That’s what Paulo Rosas did with his new Pagnol line of motorcycle gear. A lifelong sportbike rider, Paulo started with his signature M1 jacket, which uses 1.2 mm-aged cowhide, complete with stretch accordion panels, key areas of perforated ventilation, and high-quality zippers and snaps. The jacket fits secure, snug, and contoured unlike many big, baggy motorcycle jackets which flap in the breeze and make you look like you are wearing a glamourous trash bag.

Off the bike the Pagnol M1 is sleek, stylish, and sophisticated. This is the type of jacket you’d see a celebrity wearing on a night out in Hollywood.

But that doesn’t mean it sacrifices safety and performance on the bike. With the optional armor slipped into its perfectly shaped padding pockets, this jacket protects with the best. The extended lower back hem, long sleeves that don’t ride up, and riding-position friendly arm shape, make the jacket secure and comfortable at speed and very safe if you end up sliding down the pavement.

If you are an urban rider that wants to go to a meeting or get a cup of coffee while wearing your motorcycle jacket, the Pagnol M1 will help you do so looking like you stepped off a fashion runway rather than a race podium. Paulo Rosas successfully merged his two worlds – to the benefit of motorcyclists.

The Pagnol M1 is $599 and available at