October 2011 Motorcycle Cruiser Table of Contents

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18 Chunky In the Middle
New middleweight bikes continue to offer a compelling case for less being more. We pit the two latest mid-heavies from Honda and Harley against each other. Stateline, meet the 1200 Custom...

26 Cover Story Wings and a Prayer
The bagger wars aren't going away, so in this issue, we dive into a comparison of frame-mounted fairing-ed bikes. They're not full dressers, but they offer more amenities and protection than last issue's crop of traditional baggers. Consider them transitional machines for riders not quite ready for full-boat tourers.

42 Taos Tour
What happens when you take a Pacific Northwesterner and plop him into the southern desert heat? Usually, the gills fall off and the webbed feet shrivel up, but Bruce Hansen manages to make the best of his trip to New Mexico.

51 Buyer's Guide Fresh with the Mesh
Hey, better late than never. We scope out the latest crop of heat-beating gear in this guide to summer mesh jackets. After all, there's still another month or so of triple digit temps to ride through...

On The Cover
Kevin Wing snaps the big boys cruising in Malibu.


6 Main Jet

8 Rumblings

10 New Products

12 Between The Lines
Sturgis is here, and the riding can be sweet if you know where to go. Also: Harley Fly and Ride, and notes on noise emissions

**64 Shop Talk **

76 Long Term Bikes

**78 CR Tested **

**81 Just One Road **

82 Significant Other