H-D Artwork Tour

Artist's oil paintings feature abstract images

Alan Gorman

Looking for some more visual inspiration during riding season? Check out oil-painter Allan Gorman's unique series of Harley-Davidson motorcycle inspired artworks at a number of prominent dealers in the NY/Phila metro regions. His pop-up show tour is being called: The Ready to Rumble Road Show.

In addition to creating a striking and unusual series of paintings, the artist has also conceived a more fun way to show them. Gorman's art -- typically shown in art galleries and art fairs -- will now be displayed in the showrooms, alongside the bikes that inspired them.

Says Gorman; "For the dealers, it's an interesting traffic-builder and public relations event. For the customers, it exposes them to a new form of Harley-inspired art. The paintings have been a real hit."

Gorman's paintings are not the typical 'screaming eagle', or 'flaming skulls' art you might expect in this arena, but instead focus on the abstract shapes and designs found in the swooping tailpipes, reflective chrome and color contrasts of motorcycles.

Besides a display of original oil paintings, limited-edition signed prints will be for sale. Charities chosen by the local bike clubs will receive a donation of 20% of the sale proceeds from the posters.

Planned tour dates include:

  1. *final date TBD

Allan Gorman is highly-regarded photo-realist oil painter whose résumé includes over sixty solo, museum and gallery shows over the past five years.

To see the art and get more information, visit Mr. Gorman's website - http://www.allangorman.com.