Between The Lines | Take It To 1000

Fresh Liter Leathers

You might consider them the stunt-embracing savants of the motorcycle apparel scene, but the miscreants at ICON are more than that. To show its appreciation of timeless design, the company rolled out a new line of outerwear at the Indianapolis Dealer Show. Dubbed ICON1000, this sub-collection of gear features a more subtle design; one that’s a visual departure from the oversaturated ICON stuff you’re used to (which, by the way, continues on unaffected).

Each ICON1000 jacket packs thin yet protective D3O armor (said to be extremely easy to wear), and features a unique serial number stamped into a metal plaque inside the jacket. Select items in the 1000 collection are ‘Limited Edition,’ due to the nature of their aniline and drum dyed leather construction. ICON says these materials are difficult to produce in mass quantities.

That ‘1000’ moniker? Icon reps say it comes from the team’s bias toward liter bikes. To quote: “While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with smaller displacements, there is no replacement for displacement.” Can’t argue with that.

The sub-line boasts its own microsite——which packs info about the line as well as cool images of the ICON custom bikes. CR